Plight in the museum

Almost centralized in the city of Lonavala, in the outskirts of Mumbai & Pune city, an Indian celebrity wax museum is located. Unknown to many residing in India as well as in Maharashtra itself, as this museum is not at all talked about or marketed anywhere! Even though I live in Navi Mumbai, I came to know about it’s existence just few days ago when my friends (more of an acquaintances) accidentally landed up there while they were in Lonavla (Actually they didn’t tell me about it as I made this observation while stalking their profiles :P)

From the website (must visit the site) itself I had a feeling that the museum was not going to be anything close to Madam Tussauds as it was cited almost everywhere on the site.

But we made a plan to visit the place on one free evening as it is almost 1 hour away from my place and the locals had mentioned it will be almost a 30 minutes tour (But frankly stating it is less then that if you don’t take the pictures).

Conclusions from the visit

#1 Plan a visit to Lonavla and include this as one of the places to visit on the list. Don’t go for just the wax museum.

#2 It’s a dingy place, I don’t think they clean it up that often as there was layers of dust on the statues, they should put an effort to clean the statues once in a while.

#3 I don’t know why they have put up all the carpets on the wall, that is just increasing the dust in the room and making it look more gloomy and sad.

#4 There are 3 rooms but statues are placed randomly, at least they should keep them according to profession like politicians together, musicians, actors, etc.

#5 Ticket costs around Rs 100 which I think is reasonable but they should also maintain it according to the fee.

#6 Some statues are really good like Narendra Modi, Rabindranath Tagore, Saddam Hussein, Jackie Shroff, Anna Hazare and Kapil Dev which are seriously selfie real!

#7 Some statues are bad as they just look like mannequin from the garment store like Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson and Charlie chaplain.

#8 The description next to the statue was equally bad once, some of them just have a printout, they need to work so much on their presentation!

#9 Timings to visit the place were convenient from 9 AM to 9 PM

#10 Very limited number of statues with very limited popular ones not much on variety. Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni,  Amithabh Bacchan, etc are upcoming ones (don’t know for how long that upcoming board was put up there on the wall)

#11 There are just 3 small rooms which keep on decreasing in size as you go further inside.

#12 The entire tour will take around 30 minutes max if you are taking pictures and selfies.

#13 Don’t go with expectations as it will ruin your experience!

#14 There was a mandir next to Dada Sahib statue, only in India you see something like that in a museum!

Here are few pictures of the museum I took.

Anna Narendra Modi
Sri sri ravi shankar
Shiva JI
kapil dev face

Prabhu deva
AR RehmanHariharran



Jackie shroff
R Tagore_DSC0130saddam hussein full


5 tips to start your day with awesomeness

There are so many of us who just hate to get up in the morning and then we just switch on the TV, computer or stick to the mobile screens for hours but guess what? We do this the entire day as well and end up getting bored by the middle of the day! So I think an awesome start is what you need to get through the day, the painless dull way! Here are my 5 tips which might help you with the start you need for an awesome day!

“Good morning”

Greeting is probably the most important thing to start with in the morning! So start off by saying good morning to everyone in your family! I generally kiss and hug everyone cause I like the good energy flowing around us in the morning. I love saying have a nice day to almost everyone on my way to walk in the morning along with good morning. A simple smile can also work as well if you not in to wishing the old fashioned way!

Cup of tea with my parents

I think this is my favourite part in the morning when I sit along with my parents for a nice cup of hot ginger tea. We talk about almost everything and laugh about silly stuff. But even if you are not a tea/coffee drinker, you can make and serve or just sit along with your parents for few minutes in the morning and I can guarantee that probably is one of the most awesome moments of the day for sure!

The Morning walk

I know so many fitness blogs might have described this concept of morning walk in so many ways. But I honestly believe walking in the fresh morning air just recharges your battery instantly! After few minutes’ walk, for just couple of days you will sure realize that morning walks are seriously a really good start to a great day, even though you can walk at anytime during the entire day but when you do it in the morning your entire day passes by blissfully!


I am putting meditation after morning walk because I feel meditation just after a good walk/exercise will defiantly help you focus better and help getting most out of your daily workout! Your workout becomes more effective when it is accompanied by a mediation session after it! There are so many reasons why you should mediate but doing it in the morning sure leaves you fresh for the entire day!

Dodging the TV, newspapers and mobile

Probably TV, newspaper and computer/mobile are the worst enemies in the morning cause if you start using them just to check once, you cannot get rid of them easily and your focus just shifts! I personally take time to go through news or my personal social media in the afternoon as by that time my senses are fully rested and are ready for jabs and punches from all sides!

These are just 5 of the things I love doing in the morning but you need to get up early to add these to your daily routine!  I am an early riser and I also workout in the morning which energizes me all the more! Do share your morning secrets too! I would sure love to know them and add them to mine as well!