3 steps to achieve the best results out of anyone

I am not much of into pleasing people but I do like people in general, so whenever I like something in them I tend to appreciate it and hence I come across as people’s pleaser but I genuinely compliment them whole heartedly (maybe sometimes not) But I do observe that in return they do appreciate you too & yes that actually feels nice.  I feel good, I feel energetic & lively. So why don’t we do it on a regular basis? If we practice it frequently then I believe we can definitely achieve good results not out of others but also ourselves!

So here are my 3 steps to achieve the best outcome out of anyone :-


I don’t know why people don’t appreciate each other that often. Even my husband takes time to give me a compliment on my face (I have to ask him to do that) but he often do that behind my back and I am like, if you are complementing me I should at least know about it, if I am not aware of it then what’s the use?

So if someone is doing something good or looking nice, just say it, I know it is not a big thing but they did tried their best to do it. Hence, just for the sake of their effort, appreciate. They feel good about it afterwards (seriously who won’t?), cause you just have made someone’s day! And I know this will come back to you somehow & that will sure make your day too!


People are different. Respect their way of work. Find the good in it and try to add value to what they have not add what they don’t. Respect and accept as who they are and when you do that will help you achieve the best out of them for sure!


Encouragement is so essential for anyone. We think they don’t need it but everyone does, encouragement helps to build faith and loyalty. If I don’t believe in you then why would I encourage you to do it?

These are just simple things, but we hardly do implement them, do we? How many times have you appreciated you mother’s home cooked food? I know sometimes but why don’t we do it daily? She also looks forward to that, maybe cooking food is her duty, so I believe, appreciating it is yours then!

Did you like my 3 steps? Do share your feedback too.

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