The meaning of Saat Pheras (7 Vows)- Hindu Marriage

In a Hindu marriage there are 7 vows which both bride and the groom takes together for life. This infographic is a simple description of the 7 vows or Saath Pheras which a couple take in a marriage ceremony around the holy fire.


Annoying questions people ask newly married woman

I recently got married, the arranged way, like many of my fellow Indian fellows and I feel marriage is pretty normal thing for every individual to get into. It was just fine until I was constantly bombarded with random silly questions, I felt wow this thing needs to be framed! So here’s my list of such few questions, have fun reading them and do share yours too!

1. What is it like to be married?

A married person know the answer but still want to show how sarcastically gifted they are when they ask this question (with that evil smile)

And for a singleton…..


2.How was the first night?

What are you getting out of that question anyway?


3.How are you adjusting to the change?

Like ……


4.How was the honeymoon trip?

Hmmmm let me put it in a better way……


5.You do all the chores now?

He helps too (dunno why)


6.Still adjusting to the new place?

It’s a place without mommy ……. have to do everything myself!


7.Looking for new job openings here?



8.Have you gained weight?

For last few months I’ve been to just parties & dinners and moreover it’s the happiness oozing outta me!