Useful tips for creating a successful brand on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular visual community binding platform. It connects with everyone instantaneously in the language of images and videos, hence it comes out as a fun image sharing social network. It has helped many brands build their network and generate leads. Here are few tips where brands can go instafamous!


Hashtaging is very easy way to connect. There are couple of popular hashtags which brands can make use of too.Use popular hashtags while describing your posts than flooding your posts with unnecessary tags.

Instagram direct 

Direct is really nice option to connect with your audience. Its like twitter DM. You can always say a thank you for the follow and connect on a more personal way.


Like any other social media platform community building is also essential on instagram. Acknowledge with reply on posts or do reposts from those who follow you when they post something about your brand. Engage on a very human level with your audience.


Videos are very useful to get your attention on instagram. People generally stop to watch video while scrolling down their feeds, hence adding a video maybe DIY, etc. won’t do any harm.

What do you think? Have you tried anything from above pointers on Instagram to generate engagement? Do share. 

7 Tips to strength your social media brand profile

Building a brand on social media is like raising a child; it needs utter care, patience, support, time and a lot of heart! I personally feel that brands on social media have almost given up the latter word because the only thing I see on many pages is pushy sales. The most awesome thing about social media is people and their direct, one-on-one interaction but if you miss out on such an important aspect, then probably you need to revise your strategy! Here are my 7 Tips which you should remember to strengthen your social media brand profile strategy!

  1. Build relations– My grandmother used to say that building relations and maintaining them will never let you down but sure help you when in the long run! Likewise in the social media creating a connect with your audience is important as well as maintaining the connect cause social media works on word of mouth fundamentals and if you are a brand which clicks on social media then you are about to get free publicity! Invite people to participate with call to action questions, asking for advise, invite their response and be thankful when they interact
  2. Customized images– By customizing your brand images, you create your brand value. But while doing so don’t over power your brand with your logo and template all over. People might think twice when they share something like that, and you should not stop them from doing such an awesome favor for you!
  3. Brand connect – Pages flow with all sorts of generic content these days. For example an Ecommerce website page was wishing happy birthday to a celebrity? Like where is the connect? Don’t post passively on social media otherwise the audience won’t get what they are assuming to get from your brand. Stick to your brand, post images, articles, videos, etc. in connection with your brand!
  4. Trending topics– Trendy topics are healthy way to gain new audience. Keep an eye for topics which are related to your brand and start making conversations. Even at times when you don’t see topics related to your brand, don’t get disheartened as they will just help in keeping you in track of stuff going around!
  5. Monitor- Keeping a check on your social strategy with your business goal is essential as social media is very dynamic. Social analytics can be useful in forecasting the current and future market demand which in turn can be used to know your customers and make the most of your marketing and advertising spend. Also keep a track of latest tools which can help you monitor more efficiently.
  6. Variety – Don’t you get bored when you see the same sort of post again, and again, and again? So why would you do that for your audience? Bring in variety in your updates with images, videos; links to blogs, status updates, etc. just don’t posts only same kind of content every time.
  7. Humanize – Social media is so awesome because of the people around it! People like when you talk to them, take their view points, etc. So humanize your brand, give it a heart and voice to connect with your audience on a direct level!

There are variety of other points which are also essential which I will sure share in my upcoming  topics, do let me know if you think I have missed out on something important from the list!

Also feel free to help me with other topics which you think I can take up in the future!

7 Habits of Highly inEffective People

Hey if you think I am inspired by the book of  Stephen R. Covey then you are probably right to some extent but what inspired me to write this was how easily he wrote about the habits which we should follow to be efficient but in reality we seldom do what is right like smoking, we still do it even when we know it’s not helping us in any which way. So I thought of pointing out the 7 habits of highly ineffective people so that you can just dodge them to be successful than accept an unrealistic habit.

No value for time – Time is very important! Just make the most of it by waking up early everyday and seriously avoid things like surfing the net, browsing social media sites or watching TV.  Shift such leisure activities to your afternoon break. Do something productive….. activities like making a plan for the day, couple of exercises or  yoga in the morning! Avoid multitasking, that is so not going to save time, believe me you’ll probably end up ruining whatever multitasks you are synchronizing! Focus on one and one thing at a time.

Laziness– Being lazy is probably one of the biggest reasons some people don’t achieve what they are supposed to achieve. They have every possible ingredient in them talent, ambition , zeal but they lack that proactive approach and end up becoming the unknown Michael Jackson, who could have been the king of pop if only he started up singing in front of everyone. So get up, be lazy some other day because today, you got to move & shine like a diamond and there is no other day than today to do that!

No initiative – Initiation is very essential in every sphere of your life, from getting a discount on the vegetable price to talking to a girl whom you like. So if you don’t initiate now, you might miss the last train to the land of successful people. Take up what you were planning to do, whatever that is, maybe it won’t work the first time or the second but someday it will and that day you will sure thank me ;P

Escapism – People just avoid topics, things, etc. and escape from the reality but seldom they know they are not escaping from reality but they are escaping from opportunity. Running away won’t make any difference to the way things are going around currently but if you accept the challenge, then you might learn something which can help you in the process of become someone great!

Losing focus – Inefficiency is complementary to those who lack patience. Trees take time to grow, flowers take time to blossom, and so in the same way, what you do today will eventually in time pay off, hence don’t lose hope and patience and leave what you have started in the middle. Stay focused, stay efficient!

Criticizing– We all are so good at this thing of criticizing! But it’s really not hard to see what someone has to offer, maybe that person is not exceptionally good like you but maybe you can channelize that source in a better way. Criticism pulls you away from looking at the brighter side; it just creates a bias judgment and hampers overall growth. Stop criticizing!

Delusional – And lastly the delusional side of the thought that we are the best! You might be good or even great but just get out of the delusion of there is no one other like you. Get out of the delusional life and  start listening, whatever the point someone is offering , just evaluate the ones which you can benefit from, disconnect from the ones which are delusional but at least develop a quality of listening, probably you’ll end up hearing something really interesting!

Did I miss out on something? Do share you comments…

7 stupid Diwali gifts which we get every year

Diwali is like Indian Christmas, kids like it because of gifts, food & holidays and so do we all over grow adult counter parts! Gifts are awesome way to share the love and especially when people put an effort to look into your likes & dislikes and then buy you a well thought of & heart felt gift (& BTW everyone likes free stuff). But in reality nobody actually does that, so we all end up getting something we always get every year and then some of us (which is mostly a majority) forward that same gift to someone on the next festival. So this gift just floats around all 365 days, pretty much like passing the parcel game & somehow it pops up at your place again & this is how I ended up writing this article! Heads up for my unhappy list of loopers! I think after reading this post many of my friends/family will stop sending me gifts or start giving me better gifts 🙂

  1. The Ganesha – I seriously have almost all kind of Ganeshas, the normal one, the plastic one, the silver one (which is what I should recommend to gift me again), the one in the snow ball, the one on the pencil stand (I wonder how do they come up with ideas like this?!) and the my friend Ganesha one . I seriously don’t get why people even think of giving it every year even when they know I have plenty of those, they must be like she definitely needs a my friend Ganesha to complete her collection of Ganesha statues, I’m going to gift her that (so thoughtful).

    My friend Ganesha

    My friend Ganesha

  2. Dry fruits – They are high in calories, expensive like anything & giving something like that just proves the point you didn’t even care to think. If I had the option of buying something worth 1000 bucks instead of box of dry fruits, I sure would have & also made sure that 1000 bucks were well spent with recall value of 100%. Just stop sending that!


  3. Sweets and chocolates – I don’t have a brain, lets send chocolates & sweets for Diwali! Reality check nobody eats this much sweets! It’s just new way of poisoning people with mawa & high calorie sweets, it is poisonous and not even food!

    i really don't care about food

  4. Flowers – I do like flowers but I seriously hate when people just give that stupid 100 buck bouquet which is sold on the roadside. Those flowers are almost dead with the roadside pollution and direct sunlight, so you actually throw them away next day as they start smelling bad. Fake flowers are better option to cheap ones!

    mindy project

  5. Diyas – like seriously, I got 2 of them this year and I was like this is the dumbest gift which even I couldn’t come up with when I was making this list… I think you’ll like them & I’m like….

    mindy project

  6. Messages – cards are good no doubt, but sending listless forwards are just annoying as hell. If you don’t have time to buy me a card then please don’t send me a stupid forward message too, it just makes things worst! I am not going to read it anyway and it just eats up the space on my mobile memory.


  7. Nothing – And then there are people who don’t even wish you on this awesome festival! How rude like seriously they are burden to the nation. In the book of Diwali ethics they have mentioned and I quote “there are 3 laws of Diwali share 1.GIFTS, 2. (some) food and bring 3.a smile by saying happy Diwali!” Kill yourself if you bring a gift of NOTHING!


Annoying questions people ask newly married woman

I recently got married, the arranged way, like many of my fellow Indian fellows and I feel marriage is pretty normal thing for every individual to get into. It was just fine until I was constantly bombarded with random silly questions, I felt wow this thing needs to be framed! So here’s my list of such few questions, have fun reading them and do share yours too!

1. What is it like to be married?

A married person know the answer but still want to show how sarcastically gifted they are when they ask this question (with that evil smile)

And for a singleton…..


2.How was the first night?

What are you getting out of that question anyway?


3.How are you adjusting to the change?

Like ……


4.How was the honeymoon trip?

Hmmmm let me put it in a better way……


5.You do all the chores now?

He helps too (dunno why)


6.Still adjusting to the new place?

It’s a place without mommy ……. have to do everything myself!


7.Looking for new job openings here?



8.Have you gained weight?

For last few months I’ve been to just parties & dinners and moreover it’s the happiness oozing outta me!