3 things to know about when you are dating a musician

When I married a musician, being a total romantic I pictured everything musical, from waking up in the morning to going to bed on a musical note and not to forget to be the ultimate inspiration for him i.e. muse! But to my surprise (more of shock) nothing which I mentioned earlier actually happened, it was and it still is a test of your nerves, your patience and everything I will be listing below!

Goodbye expectations

No expectation

No expectation

I read this somewhere “First comes gear, then comes beer, then if you’re lucky maybe comes a modestly priced date.” so expectations if you have any, of dating a really cool musician, kill them now!! They are not going to write songs about you (Most probably you’ll hear songs they wrote about their exes), or are going to sing your favourite songs, do a musical flash mob(*sob* I had planned so much!) or just give you the time, cause their love for music is more than anything else! Just be happy you are dating a cool guy, learn something or two, explore and if he is good enough, (Mick Jagger kinda of!) then definitely settle down!

Sleep is when they sleep

Sleep is a luxury

Sleep is a luxury

There were days when I was dead tired and all I wanted was a good night sleep, but that is a luxury now because you only sleep when the musician sleeps. They are going to rehearse that one tune for hours and hour and even after all that, it’ll come out the same freaking way it came out at the first place itself so they are going to practice that for more hours and hours now. And if you are lucky they will pop out of bed in the middle of the night, with a new tune and start making music for hours!

Love their kind of music

Your choice is an option.

Your choice is an option.

If you are not musically inclined then the chances are that you don’t know anything and your kind of music is not up to their level. And no matter how hard you try you can never tune to their frequency. I keep hiding my playlist or don’t listen to it in front of my husband cause I feel that any time he will say something educational about my choice and I will lose the appetite of listening to my music. You can say I am just scared of him like I used to be with my all my school teachers, even if I knew the correct answer I never said it cause I felt maybe they will laugh at me or something.

But these musicians will make sure that you hear and not to forget LOVE their music, maybe it’s good and maybe not your kind of good but you know what, you need to start getting used to it cause it’s not going anywhere!

Always ready for a show

Something embarassing

Something embarrassing

And an extra point to the kitty! They just don’t wait to open up their stuff & start playing/singing! I remember there was an uncle of mine who was a singer and in one of the family gathering we just mentioned that this uncle can sing, and just as our sentence finished, he was already singing, we were giving each other bad looks and somehow managed not to laugh but yes apparently they just need you to say, SING and next thing is that they’ll be singing or playing music!

The list is endless, but for me these 4 sums it all up! And even after all this you still somehow manage to love that musician of yours, you know what? That musician is a pretty lucky fellow for sure!